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Commercial Locksmith Services in Kitchener

Cote Lock Service is the name you can trust when you want to protect your commercial space from any kind of security breaches. Since 1976, we have been offering commercial locksmith services in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. From all door hardware to keyless entry and high-security locks, we can help you with a range of business security solutions that are designed to keep your commercial space safe and secure. You can count on our expertise for:

Automatic Openers

Automatic door openers and operators are specifically used at accessible openings where assistance in opening the door is not needed. Whether in a hospital, a retail store, a hotel or anywhere else, automatic doors are always worth considering! These are energy-efficient, offer easy access, consume less space and have a noise-free function. The wave to open sensor is a great solution for "hands free" door opening. This would help stop the spread of germs. If you are experiencing any issues with your door operator or would like one installed, let us know as we are able to repair or replace all brands of automatic door operators.

wave to open

Barrier-free Washrooms Kits

Barrier-free washroom kits were designed in case a person using a public single toilet washroom has an emergency and needs to alert others for help. When the emergency button has been activated, an alarm and light outside of the washroom will sound to advice of an emergency. A light/alarm will also activate inside the washroom to notify that person in distress that the system has worked.

High-security Locks

High-security locks are great for those worried about key duplication. When a Mul-T-Lock account is set up here at Cote Lock Service, only the account holder or those given authorization can have keys made and only we can cut the keys. High-security locks are a great option for commercial or residential use. We are  happy to help decide what type is right for you!


While network security is one of the prime concerns of your business, you shouldn’t neglect your physical security either. A good way to protect your business is to consider a surveillance system such as CCTV camera systems! They can provide multiple functions such as- deter crime, prevent harassment and improve an organization’s productivity. Cote Lock Service stocks these systems from reputed brands in the industry that will keep your business protected while giving you all the benefits you need.

Hardware Installation 

Cote Lock Service is here to help with any door needs. We can install and repair a range of door hardware, including:

Door closers
Panic bars/exit devices
Push plates
Keyless entry
Electric Strike Installs

We can adjust, repair, replace and upgrade your hinges and make them nice and easy again!

Master Key System/Rekeying

A master key system allows you to have a master key to open all locks, with change keys that only open certain locks. This is a great solution for owners/managers of companies. The owner/manager can have a master key to open all doors where the staff members’ keys will only open their individual offices. Another example is an apartment building owner/superintendent can have a master for all units, but each tenant would have a key to their own unit.


Rekeying a lock allows you to use the existing lock with a new key. We always recommend this for someone moving into a new home as not all of the keys are usually returned.

Other Commercial Services

Access Control (FOB Systems)

Access Control is a great option for apartment buildings or businesses for many reasons. With access control, you can monitor when employees enter the workplace. A schedule can be created to allow your employees to access particular doors at certain times.  For example, only the manager can enter the workplace at the weekend. It eliminates the use of keys, which can be beneficial when an employee is released; the building doesn’t need to be rekeyed. If a fob is misplaced or lost, that fob can be erased instantly from the system. If you are interested in installing automotive keys and fobs, call us for a quote today!

Door Frames

We install new doors and frames in commercial spaces. We also provide fire-rated apartment doors and replace worn-out doors and frames.  Our team will consider all your security requirements and factors such as the size of the door, usage and more before suggesting the right product.

Electric Strike Installation

Whether it is aluminum, wood, or steel, we can handle it. We have trained professionals that can cut strikes into your frame.

Keys by Code and Duplication

This is a service we offer where we can cut a key from a code provided on a lock. This is often used when someone loses the key to a filing cabinet or desk drawer. We stock almost every key you need. If we don’t have it, we will find it and order it.

Interested in Our Commercial Locksmith Services?

We have helped thousands of commercial customers and can’t wait to meet your security needs!

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