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Protecting What’s Important to You 

At Cote Lock Service, we pride ourselves on providing professional service using quality products. We carry products that we believe from years of experience are the most reliable, durable, and trusted by thousands of customers.

Mul-T-Lock High-Security Locks

Why Use Mul-T-Lock High-Security Locks?

Mul-T-Lock is one of the top 10 leading high-security lock solution companies in the world. They offer different platforms of security levels to provide the best solution for you. From High Security to Key Control, Cote Lock can help determine the best option for your establishment. High Security Locks are a great option for businesses, apartment buildings, or even your home! 

Worried about key duplication?

Mul-T-Lock uses patented protected technology to ensure only Mul-T-Lock certified dealers can duplicate your keys. When a Mul-T-Lock account is set up here at Cote Lock Service, only the account holder or those given authorization can have keys made, and only we can cut the keys here at our shop!

Why High-Security?

Mul-t-lock has vertical and horizontal pins making it one of the most pick/bump resistant locks on the market as well as enhanced resistance to drilling and other forms of lock manipulation. 

Mul-t-lock not only offers locks for your door, but also carries locks such as padlocks, camlocks and more!


Our commercial hardware consists of high quality locks in all functions, to the frames and doors itself! We service and provide all door hardware, including: -Deadbolts               -Keyless Entry                               -Continuous Hinges

-Handles                  - Door Closers                               - Blocker Plates

-Adams Rite            - Automatic Door Openers          - Latch Protectors

-Paddles                  - Barrier Free Washroom Kits      - Padlocks

-Panic Bars             - Doors and Frames                       - And More!

-Mortise Locks        -Astragals


The residential brand we carry is Taymor! Through years of experience, Taymor has proven to be a high quality product, that is cost-effective and has a wide variety of design that will suit anyones style! Taymor carries everything from pushbutton locks, gripsets to deadbolts and levers. Come visit our shop to take a look at our stock and learn about the best options for you! 

Automatic Door Operators

An automatic door operator is a device that allows a pedestrian door to open and close automatically. This is most commonly used for a front door or a universal washroom door.  We offer the Ditec HA8 door operator.  These versatile units can be found in hospitals, universities, retail stores, schools, airports and convention centers.  Businesses can find great uses for them also in industrial buildings and offices.


They are built with high precision gears made for sustained long-term use
and have permanent lubrication for maintenance free operation.  The Digital Control Board ensures you are always in full control.

Advanced Technologies integrate with building access and security systems.

Keyless Entry Systems

If you are tired of losing keys, Cote Lock Service has the solution. Keyless entry locks are convenient, time-saving. These are easy to maintain, allowing you to quickly upgrade from a traditional mechanical door with minimal disruption. For businesses with high employee turnover, keeping track of physical keys is a tough job. With keyless entry systems, adding or revoking access, customizing levels and times of access becomes simple and instant. If you are considering a keyless entry system, we can help you find the right product for your needs.


Safes provide a complete solution for protecting your sensitive documents and tangible valuables. From fire rated to burglary rated, we carry a variety of new and used safes in all shapes, sizes and varieties. Come into our store in Kitchener, and we will help find what is best for you!

Automotive Keys and Fobs

We carry Factory Original automotive keys and fobs and provide the service of cloning or programming to your vehicle. Our prices are very competitive, call us for a quote today! 

Key duplication
Key and fob programming

Other Products


We carry a wide variety of padlocks for indoor or outdoor use. We have options available that are keyed alike or keyed different and many different sizes. We offer padlocks that can be keyed to your existing home or business key.

Camlocks and Mailbox Locks

We have a variety of mailbox locks and camlocks in stock. Camlocks are mostly used on desks, filing cabinets, drawers, truck caps etc.

Brands We Carry

Listed below are some of the brands we carry:

Master Lock
Capitol Industries
Adams Rite
Von Duprin

We have been in the business for more than 40 years serving the door needs of customers in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please contact us today.

Stay Secure

Cote Lock Service carries quality products to secure your business and home any time of the day or night.

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